I AM a passionate stylist always inquisitively mixing new trends and creating styles that enhances the clients needs.  With many years industry experience and proven ability to work across an array of projects ranging from tv, fashion, music, celebrity, lifestyle, ecommerce and consultancy.
STARTING OUT I assisted after graduating from my degree in fashion design at the University of the Creative Arts, Epsom.  I commenced working as a freelance stylist, fusing my passions for fashion and music.  This forayed into styling a variety of music artists, UK and International, leading onto fashion styling, creative consultancy work for Swarovski UK, guest lecturing for Nottingham Trent University fashion students and more recently ecommerce fashion and lifestyle styling.
INSPIRATIONS are my Mother for always looking so well and seamlessly making style look effortless.  
Elsa Schiaparelli; before Coco Chanel there was Elsa.
ALWAYS ASKED “how do I look”?  Which makes me laugh. I think we all have an individual take on style...some good ...some not so.
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